Ruby Projects

Build environment includes the following versions of Ruby:

  • MRI 1.8.7
  • MRI 1.9.2
  • MRI 1.9.3 - default
  • MRI 2.0.0

Versions are managed with RVM. Magnum CI will use ruby 1.9.3 by default, and if you want to use a different version, specify ruby section in magnum config:

ruby: 2.0.0

Also, if your project is using .rvmrc, .ruby-version or .rbenv-version files, defined version will be picked up automatically.


Magnum CI will detect if project is using Bundler and execute command:

bundle install --path .

You can override bundler arguments with bundler_args in magnum config:

bundler_args: "--binstubs --production"

Test Suite Execution

By default Magnum CI will try to execute bundle exec rake test.

You can set your own steps in magnum config:

  - "bundle exec ci:backend"
  - "bundle exec ci:frontend"

Rails Applications

For rails application Magnum CI will discover environment using Gemfile and execute the following steps:

  • bundle exec rake db:create
  • bundle exec rake db:schema:load

If RSpec is detected, worker will execute bundle exec rspec spec/. Otherwise, it'll execute the default command: bundle exec rake test